The MBA: Facts & Fiction

The MBA: Facts & Fiction

If you back in the time to the 1970s, you will hardly find few people in the country who knew anything about higher management degrees. What most of them knew was M.A or M.B.B.S. However, with the growth of commercial as well as industrial activities in India, the demand for professionally skilled individuals has gone up. This, in return, has resulted into an increase in demand for MBA courses in India. At present it has become one of the most popular educational programs which are attracting students from different educational backdrops.
With a rise in the number of B-schools in India, there is an increase in the apprehensions and misconceptions among the aspirants about this program. Every college promote their courses, therefore it has led to confusions and miscommunication among the students who want to do their post graduation in business administration. Most of them, usually gets a hazy picture about this course as well as its scope in the future, thus they cannot make a decision. It is important that they are presented a clear picture about the course.
There is a common notion or rather say misconception that even MBA courses might not save you from the financial crackdown which, at present,  has taken toll of many nations in the world.  This notion is partially incorrect, as many companies are forced to cut-down their staff, but these do not include highly trained management professionals.
During their intensive training in the MBA colleges, these professionals are equipped with required knowledge and attitude which makes them strong as well as confident to face any challenges in the corporate world.  Management courses give a comprehensive idea about different operational areas of the corporate companies. They become more employable to various companies, especially during a serious financial setback, as they need multi-tasking professionals who are adept in different modules.
So, if you had made plans not to enroll in Management institute for MBA, because you and other people around you think that it will not be worthy during a rough phase of global recession; then ponder carefully over your decision, as an MBA can prove to a boon for your career.
There are many IT professionals and even graduates from different fields who feel that they do not need to get a degree in management, as most of them think that their career is fully established. However, they do not realize that part time MBA courses can be very beneficial for better career prospects.
In this the age of ruthless competition, corporate companies require expert managers who can lead a team of business enthusiasts. They give preference to the candidate who is dexterous in a particular area like software, pharmacy, engineering, etc, as well as skilled to handle managerial and administrative tasks. Part time MBA courses equip such qualified professionals as well as give them an in-depth knowledge about of the current trends of the international business community. Apart from this it also adds an extra qualification to their resumes, which gives a boost to their career.
It is widely believed that only a few management institutes in India offer quality education and good placements. Well, this is nothing, but a myth. There are many MBA colleges in India other than IIMs which have a reputation of providing unmatchable education. These colleges have adopted revised and updated curriculum, so it makes the students well aware of the recent developments in the business world. Moreover, it also conducts various workshops and training sessions that help the students to acquire managerial skills.
It is advisable that management aspirants should not blindly follow the myths about MBA courses. They should make a detailed study from various sources like career magazines, career portals, etc...... And then make a decision.
When there is too much hype about a certain thing, there are chances of miscommunication and misinterpretation. This is the case with MBA. There are many myths about the course; however, it is necessary that a real picture is presented to the clear all the myths.


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