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Definition of Welfare and Types of Welfare Activities

Definition of Welfare: Welfare means faring or doing well. It is a comprehensive term, and refers to the physical, mental, moral and emotional well-being of an individual. The term welfare is a relative concept, relative in time and space. It, therefore, varies from time to time, region to region and from country to country. Labour welfare refers to taking care of the well-being of workers by employers, trade unions and governmental and non governmental agencies. Recognizing the unique place of the worker in the society and doing good for him/her, retaining and motivating employees, minimizing social evils, and building up the local reputation of the company are the argument in favour of employee welfare. Welfare facilities help in motivating and retaining employees .most welfare facilities are hygiene factors which, according to Herzberg, create dissatisfaction if not provided. Welfare facilities besides removing dissatisfaction help develop loyalty in workers towards the organisation. T…

LIST OF Top 10 B-Schools (MBA College) in India

According to India’s No. 1 business medium CNBC-TV18 ‘The top 10 List of B-Schools Rankings’ is given in the list below. IIM Ahmedabad led the rankings t and continues to be the first position in the list for Management education in India. IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow placed in 2nd,3rd ,4th respectively in the ranking, followed next ,MDI, XLRI, NITIE and FMS as they took up the next 4 positions. NITIE made significant gains along with IIM Kozhikode to get into the Top 10 List. XLRI and FMS got a a bit drop in their rankings this year.
2012 Rank B-School 1 IIM, Ahmedabad 2 IIM, Bangalore 3 IIM, Calcutta 4 IIM, Lucknow 5 MDI, Gurgaon 6 XLRI, Jamshedpur 7