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MBA Syllabus for Semester Statistical Analysis & Operations Research and Financial and Cost Accounting

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (first) Subject: Statistical Analysis & Operations Research
Reason for studying Statistical Analysis & Operations Research: The basic aim of this course is to impart knowledge of basic statistical tools & techniques and operartions research with emphasis on their application in Business decision process and Management.
UNIT-I Statistics : Concept , Significance and Limitations . Collection of Primary and Secondary Data, Classification and Tabulation , Frequency Distributions and their graphical representation.
UNIT-II Measures of Central Tendency : Mean, Median and Mode . Measures of Dispersion : Range, Mean Deviation , Standard Deviation and Quartile Deviation . Moments , Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis . UNIT-III Sampling : Methods of Sampling ; Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors ; Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem (without proof) . Estimation , Point & Interval Estimates , Confidence Intervals . Statistical Testing - Hypothesis…

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (Business Environment and Managerial Economics)

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (Business Environment and Managerial Economics)
MBA Syllabus for Semester I (first)
Subject: Business Environment

Reason for studying Business Environment: The course aims to educate the student with the different environmental factors which effect business. This course aims to develop ability to understand and scan business environment in order to analyse the opportunities and take decisions under the uncertainty.
UNIT-I Concept, Significance and nature of Business Environment ; Elements of environment - internal and external ; Different roles of government in relation to business ; Social Responsibilities of Business .
UNIT-II Broad profile of Indian Economy , Industrial Policy - its historical perspective(in brief) , Industrial Policy Liberalisation . Economic Planning in India ; Rationale of economic planning , latest five year plan .
UNIT-III Public sector -its objectives and working , major problems of public sector enterprises ; Privatisation of public …

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS)

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (first)
Reason for studying Management Concepts: The main reason for this subject is to develop a basic understanding about the management concepts as well as of human in various managerial processes in organisation among the students.
UNIT-I Management: Definition, nature, process, functions & skills . Evolution of management thoughts - F.W. Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber , Elton Mayo . Management Approaches- System approach, Contingency approach . Business Organisation - Types of ownership.
UNIT-II Planning: Concept and purpose , Planning Process , Management by Objectives(MBO), Decision Making . Organisation : Concept and purpose of organisation , Types of organisation , Line, Line & Staff, Matrix , Virtual Organisation structures . Basis of Departmentation , Concept of Authority, Functional Authority, Delegation of Authority , Centralisation and Decentralisation of Authority. Coordination . Staffing .
UNIT-III Directing


To manage employees and workers, Most of the Organization depends upon the Administration department. The administration department have the professionals who make plans for implementing the right schemes for the growth of the organization and welfare of the Employees and workers. Mainly organization appoints the candidate with MBA in Human Resource Management. These candidates with MBA in Human Resource Management have the ability to make and implement the various plans and schemes to run the organization smoothly and give satisfaction to the employees.
Job in Government Sector after MBA in Human Resource Management The students after completing their studies in MBA (HR) and want to start their career in the Government Sector, they can join as a Management Trainees. Many Government Organizations publish advertisement for the candidate with MBA (HR) Degree. Some of the major public sector organizations where MBA (HR) candidate are required are  Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), …

Syllabus of MBA Finance

Syllabus of MBA Finance
1st (First) Semestera)Financial Management - Meaning and Objectives, A's of Financial Management, Scope and Functions of Financial Management, Financial Planning and Forecasting.b)Capitalization - Under and Over Capitalization, Capital Structures - Computation of cost of capital, Trading on Equity, Leverages - Type and Significancec)Capital Budgeting - Nature and Significance, Time value of money- Discounting and Compounding - Methods of evaluating Capital Expenditure proposals. Analysis and interpretation of Financial Statements using the techniques of Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow analysis.d)Working Capital Management - Nature of Working Capital Management, Need for working capital - operating cycle, estimation of working capital requirement - Management of Cash and Receivables, Cash Budget.
2nd (Second) Semestera)Management of Profits-Dividend Policy, Procedural and Legal formalities involved in the payment of dividend-Bonus Shares.

Scope of MBA Finance

MBA finance helps its participants to manage the financial transactions of the company in an effective manner and efficient. The scope of the MBA finance is quite high in today scenario as MBA finance professionals after completing the study of raising capital, investment strategies, market economics and its effective utilisation join the management of a company. The MBA finance professionals have the options either to search a job or go for higher studies. An MBA Finance degree help the candidate to find the job in both sector Public and Private with attractive salary and perks.

After completing the study in MBA finance, a candidate can join as a following position in a company Cash Managers
Asset Management
Corporate Finance
Corporate Banking
Credit Risk Management
Derivatives Structuring
Hedge Fund Management
Private Equity
Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Controllers
Credit Managers
Credit Risk Management Analyst
Financial Manager
Financial Research Analyst

MBA admission procedure in USA

MBA admission procedure in USA
United Stated of America is one of the most favourite places for the students who want to study in abroad. In USA, students have opportunity to choose the best course for him from a number of courses according to their interest. Mostly students are looking for MBA programmes in USA and try to get admission in best and leading Business School. For taking admission in MBA, aspirants must have to follow certain application procedure. We have found that most of the B-schools have different application process but some of the major things are common.  The application procedure of MBA programmes requires the right approach and uniqueness in application. It is completely wrong that the process of application is very complicated. The first step is to get admission in B school of USA is to obtain application form of those college which a student want to take admission. MBA application form can be obtained from the following ways:  Requesting Application Forms from r…

Online MBA Degree Program in India

People choose Masters in Business Administration programs because this program improves the employment opportunity. The study of Marketing, Human Resource, Finance and Information Technology enable students to hold an important position in any company. Human Resource department, Marketing department, Finance department and Information Technology department played a very important for successfully running of a company. In this post, we are going to discuss about the Online MBA Degree Program in India. Students can obtain a degree in Online MBA Program on following specialization in India Specialization in Human Resource (HR) Management Specialization in Finance and Accounting Management Specialization in Marketing Management Specialization in Information Technology Management Specialization in Operations Management Specialization in Entrepreneurship Management Specialization in Risk Management Specialization in Logistics Management Production Management Specialization in Strategic Management Spec…