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Syllabus of MBA Finance

Syllabus of MBA Finance
1st (First) Semestera)Financial Management - Meaning and Objectives, A's of Financial Management, Scope and Functions of Financial Management, Financial Planning and Forecasting.b)Capitalization - Under and Over Capitalization, Capital Structures - Computation of cost of capital, Trading on Equity, Leverages - Type and Significancec)Capital Budgeting - Nature and Significance, Time value of money- Discounting and Compounding - Methods of evaluating Capital Expenditure proposals. Analysis and interpretation of Financial Statements using the techniques of Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow analysis.d)Working Capital Management - Nature of Working Capital Management, Need for working capital - operating cycle, estimation of working capital requirement - Management of Cash and Receivables, Cash Budget.
2nd (Second) Semestera)Management of Profits-Dividend Policy, Procedural and Legal formalities involved in the payment of dividend-Bonus Shares.

Scope of MBA Finance

MBA finance helps its participants to manage the financial transactions of the company in an effective manner and efficient. The scope of the MBA finance is quite high in today scenario as MBA finance professionals after completing the study of raising capital, investment strategies, market economics and its effective utilisation join the management of a company. The MBA finance professionals have the options either to search a job or go for higher studies. An MBA Finance degree help the candidate to find the job in both sector Public and Private with attractive salary and perks.

After completing the study in MBA finance, a candidate can join as a following position in a company Cash Managers
Asset Management
Corporate Finance
Corporate Banking
Credit Risk Management
Derivatives Structuring
Hedge Fund Management
Private Equity
Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Controllers
Credit Managers
Credit Risk Management Analyst
Financial Manager
Financial Research Analyst